raydient collective


these moments come and go like the georgia football season.


it's worth pushing pause

because time never stops

Life's a wild ride, full of belly laughs, messy hair, and unexpected adventures. Capturing those candid family moments isn't just about freezing time; it's about embracing the chaos with a smile. Your family is your greatest adventure. So, let's trade the stiff poses for genuine giggles, because the real beauty lies in the art of just being together. Picture this: years from now, you'll flip through these photos, and each image will be a time machine, whisking you back to a moment filled with love, laughter, and the magic of togetherness. Let's make your memories as timeless as your love!

no perfectionism here, bring your real & raw

Aside from maybe dressing up a little bit, I want to capture the real you. I want your kids to be kids and for you all to just have a good time playing together. So if the thought of me asking your toddler to smile at the camera for an hour makes you shudder, throw that notion out the window. We play, we run, we dance, we laugh because those are the moments we live for.
Not a fake smile and some weird poses.

my approach is different

the details

Family Session

  • 60 min sesh
  • about 70 images
  • Downloadable online gallery with fully edited images

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Have a different kind of session in mind?

I love to tell different stories so if you have a fun idea or something that is meaningful to your family, just let me know and we can talk about a plan! 

Begins at $300


1. fill out my inquiry form

2. book your date

3. sign contract + pay RETAINER

Once you select your date, you'll receive a contract and invoice via email. After those are complete, you're BOOKED!!!

Take a peek at my sessions and choose the one that fits best for your family. Fill out my contact form and I will get back to you in 48hrs!

You'll receive an email from me with important details about the session you're interested in and then we will choose a date!

How to book it:

I'm here and ready to be your new fave sidekick to help capture your moments honestly and artfully.